brainspace.vtk_interface.pipeline.get_output(ftr, as_data=True, update=True, port=0)[source]

Get output from filter.

  • ftr (vtkAlgorithm or BSAlgorithm) – Input filter.
  • as_data (bool, optional) – Return data as BSDataObject instead of BSAlgorithm. If True, the filter is automatically updated. Default is True.
  • update (bool, optional) – Update filter. Only used when as_data is False. Default is True.
  • port (int or None, optional) – Output port to update or get data from. Only used when input is vtkAlgorithm. When port is -1, refers to all ports. When None, call Update() with no arguments. Not used, when ftr is a sink (i.e., 0 output ports), call Update(). Default is 0.

poly (BSAlgorithm or BSDataObject) – Returns filter or its output. If port is -1, returns all outputs in a list if as_data == True.