Python PackageΒΆ

This page contains links to all related documents on BrainSpace python package. The tutorials is a good starting point to get familiar with the main functionality provided by BrainSpace: creation and alignment of gradients, and null models. With the tutorials you can also learn about the data that comes with the package, plotting and other functions. For more information, please refer to the API.

In the python package, surface functionality is built on top of the Visualization Toolkit (VTK). BrainSpace offers a high-level interface to work with VTK. In VTK wrapping, we introduce the wrapping scheme used in BrainSpace and some basic usage examples. Note, however, that this part is not a requirement to start using BrainSpace. In the Mesh module you can find most of the functionality you need to work with surfaces. A surface in BrainSpace is represented as BSPolyData object. Reading/writing of several formats is supported through the read_surface and write_surface functions.